What have you done lately?

On the drive back from MinneSNOWta, while my handsome chauffer maneuvered through the rain, I crocheted the red hat and a lot of granny squares. When we got home, I made the squares into scarves, added a pom pom ball to the top of the hat, and sent them to Mississippi to be given to a homeless shelter.


When I was in southern NV last year, my niece requested new slippers. She was still wearing the ones I’d made her several years ago! I don’t know how they were staying on her feet but she wore them! I hope she likes these new ones even more! I sewed denim on the bottom because the yarn is not durable with a lot of walking, plus she loves to sliiiide on her slick wood kitchen floor.



I also made some hair scrunchies for my friends’ daughters.


And a hat from a pattern that caught my eye on Pinterest. It’s purple and white.



With numerous birthdays this month, I had to get some cards done!


I’m working on slippers and a sweater for me, and hoping to get started on cards for birthdays and anniversaries for next month!


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