A clean house! Not so much.

I forfeited cleaning the rig this week to make my crocheted jammie bottom pants that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Originally I was just going to wing it, but I found a pattern for baby britches which I just modified. This modification worked much better than the first modification that I did for the sweater last month! With my slipper boots coming up to my knees, the jammie bottoms only need to go just below my knees.

This was a good project to reduce the smaller balls of yarn that I had leftover from previous projects.

I made more cake batter blondies this week, and tried the recipe I found for edible glitter! The baked sugar with blue food coloring didn’t really look like glitter to me, but the blondies were still yummy!


One thought on “A clean house! Not so much.”

  1. You are just too funny. Better make those jammie pants longer for the north and then we can eat Blondies. xoxoox


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