This is the afghan I started while John was at the dentist getting his crowns and a root canal a few weeks ago. This afternoon, my GA Mother and I are taking it to a friend of hers that will get it to the Linus Project. They give blankets to terminally ill children. 20160313_105656.jpg

She has connections to several organizations, so I also made some preemie hats to give.


I finished one card this week. There are two more that I’ve started, but this one is complete and in the mail.


Other than to John, most of my time and attention have gone to making a sweater from the yarn I was given last week. I got this far before I realized that it was wrong.


It was very wrong, so I’ve started over. It looks much better now that I’m doing it right!

I made several Easter egg cards several years ago, and this year I’m finally mailing them out to some of my kids (this was the only one I thought to get a picture of before I sealed the envelopes). When you pull the string, the paper is spiral cut and the message is inside.



One thought on “oops!”

  1. Every thing looks good. The hats are so tiny and cute. Look like they are for a doll.
    You do good work!! Shalom < GLYASDI !!! Love Aunt Mary xoxox


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