While we wait.

While we sat in the Turner Field parking lot waiting for the gates to open, I crocheted 4 prayer squares and worked on diamond shaped pieces for a blanket.20160404_120525.jpg

This week, I made another preemie hat. I’d like to get some really soft yarn before I make many more.


I made something for Mrs. Calabash (our ’57 Ford Fairlane 500 Sunliner), but I have to try it on her before I complete it. It will be a nametag to go on her license plate at shows.20160402_210418.jpg

I also made a cozy hat. Spring is going strong in most places in the U.S., but I really like this pattern. It works up quick, and makes a very comfortable hat! There’s a purple and white one for sale on my Etsy shop. 20160407_182725.jpg


3 thoughts on “While we wait.”

  1. Caron yarn works well for preemie hats and Bernat makes some really soft yarns. Baby Alpacka is best for softness. Pricey, but they don’t take much. I have a quick and easy pattern for backless booties for preemies but it is in Montana. You could probably find it on the internet. A friend of mine posted it on her website.

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