More cards!

First I made a sympathy card for my lil bro and his family since they put their dog SAM down. SAM was older than 4 of their kids!


Our daughter told me that the cool birthday card I made her had gotten over 200 likes on her greyhound page, and that one of her friends said I should have an Etsy shop! Guess what? I do have an Etsy shop! 1craftyyan


Shadow and I met our neighbors at the hotel, and I enjoyed talking to them. They’re celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this year, so I made them a card.


We found out that yesterday was one of John’s cousin’s birthday, so I made her a card too!


With all the free time I’ve been given, I should be able to get a lot of crocheting done!


One thought on “More cards!”

  1. I wrote a comment but I don’t know whether or not it went. Great cards. You are good.
    Miss you. Love Aunt Mary GLYASDI !!


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