Top of the hat!

Padme’ finished her card! 

I finished one too! 

This is the top of Emma Jean’s beanie hat. The yarn was expensive, but I really like how the pattern worked itself out!

I rarely wear flip flops, and after last week’s day at the pool, I came home with an owie between my toes. So I modified a pattern I found online,, and came up with this! 

I added the straps on the back, but the tops are snug enough that they keep the flip flops from flipping and flopping on my feet so much, and I don’t really need the straps. 

I also made these for somebody. I don’t know who yet. I would put them on my Etsy shop,, but I don’t know what size they are. I’m guessing 8 or 9.

My granddaughter hinted that she wants a pair for her, so I’ll be making more. 


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