Another first! 

I made salsa to take to Little Falls last weekend! Mmm, yummy! 

A few weeks ago, my granddaughter Padme’ requested I crochet her a teddy bear. After looking at several patterns, I took off on my own. Adjusting as I went, and with helpful suggestions along the way, it didn’t look like it did in my head, but it was finished. Being frugal and sentimental, I stuffed it with an old sweatshirt of John’s that he was getting rid of. It was one of my favorite sweatshirts of John’s, and it was stained and had holes, but I had trouble throwing it out. Instead, I cut it into strips, and it made great stuffing!  She loved it!  

She is very good at origami, and when we went out to eat, she made a classic flapping crane out of a napkin! 

She’s also very giving with her work, and gave it to the employee at Dairy Queen who took our order. 

I have been pretty tired this week, and only made one card. 

I’m crocheting a car for our grandson Dennis, who will be 1 this weekend, and I’m working on more flip flops!


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