Yan, will you?

My niece Sara and I made pockets full of cash during our day together last Saturday. 

The tag in the pocket reads, “I wanted to get you a gift, so I ran out in a flash, then realized the perfect gift – a pocket full of CASH”, and in the pockets, we put 100 Grand candy bars

We also stitched cards.

On Monday my niece Kathryn asked if I would make her a sash to wear in tomorrow’s parade as she represents the Wild Weippe Rodeo as their Queen. 

I’m so proud of her, and I was thrilled at the opportunity! I was going to make it out of crocheted flowers,  but she reminded me that she’s not really a flowery kind of girl. She gave me material, and away I went! Unsure of how I was going to do the lettering, I discovered a technique on Pinterest which uses freezer paper. http://www.madeeveryday.com/2008/07/tutorial-freezer-paper-stencil-makenna-loves-goldfish.html/

I tested it out on a t-shirt of mine. 

I love the way it turned out, and was very excited to do more! To make the sash look more blingy, I added embossing powder ,and when I heated it, it gave the lettering a nice sheen. 

I wanted to add more bling to it, but we decided that less is more. 

I made her a pair of boot cuffs. 

I made a headband for my niece Grace, and one for her friend (but didn’t get a pic of the friend’s). 

I also made a hat to finish up some of my yarn, but it’s too small for any of my Idaho kids.

Last night we went up the hill (to my lil bro’s), and my niece Grace was preparing her quilt for this weekend’s 4H show. 

My niece Kathryn gave me all of these thank you cards that she made! 

There’s a lot of talent in that family!!


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