It’s on sale! 

​I’ve been happy to be able to crochet more this week! I finished the teddy bear that my niece asked for. It looks more like a monkey to me, but maybe when I get some clothes on it, it’ll be more bear-ish.

I made some cards that were late for Christmas.

My mom has loved wearing the hand warmers that I gave her a couple years ago. She asked if I could make her some with fingers, but still leave an opening at the end. Sure! I used the same pattern that I used to make my nieces convertible mittens. Oh darn! I didn’t get a pic of them! Sorry, check back next week! I also made some hair scrunchies, and forgot to get a pic of them too

I made a card for my cousin’s upcoming wedding.

Among my favorite recent projects is a bib that I made for John! My step dad donated a favorite shirt of his, which had become ragged, and was destined for a rag. I cut it up and made the bib prototype!

John was less than thrilled with the plaid material, so my step dad now has his favorite shirt back as a bib. At the thrift store this week, John chose a shirt that he liked, and now has a fancy silk bib! We tried it out at the Outback last night.

Being mostly caught up on projects, I told my step sister, niece, and nephew that I was willing to make them something if they wanted. My niece asked for a blanket, so we went to the yarn store in town to look at colors. It’s a very expensive yarn store, and for that reason, we went only to look! I was focused only on looking, until my nephew saw a bunch of yarn on sale! It wasn’t a great sale, but it was a discounted price – less than I would usually pay! There weren’t enough of the colors that my niece wanted for her blanket, but there were several skeins of matching colors. I bought 6 matching skeins, 2 of another, and 1 pretty purple one!! My niece has plans for each of them! 


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