I forgot

While I was in California, I kept thinking about the sale yarn that I bought last week. Even though John bought me more yarn in California, I had to go back to True Value and see if there was any more sale yarn… there was still plenty! I took 10 skeins to the register,  and because 7 of them were not listed on the price sheet, I asked if they’d take 99 cents for each of them. The other 3 were listed at $1.99, but the cashiers decided that I could have all 10 skeins for 99 cents each! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!

I finished the scrappy granny quilt that I started several years ago!

John had an appointment at the V.A. this week, and I was going to take it to the oncology department then, but his appointment was cancelled. 

Here’s the pic of the fingerless gloves I made for my mother. 

I gave the hair scrunchies to my nail artist, and still forgot to take a picture. Then I forgot to remind her to send me a picture!

I would love to keep crocheting, especially with all the new yarn I have! But, I have to get some cards made… birthdays are coming up! 


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