Here are the pics of the hair scrunchies from last week and their models! 

I finished the clothes for my niece’s “teddy bear”. 

As we were visiting this week, I risked being rude, and brought along my card making supplies! So far, these are what I have…

John’s sister is crafty also, and, among other things, makes these little wallets! 

Inside are I.D. card sized pockets!

Our cousin was very happy with his bib I made him!  

I was 3/4 done assembling the blanket that I’d made a bunch of diamond shapes for. I was showing it to cousins yesterday, and said that it didn’t turn out like I thought it would. When I showed them the pattern so they could see what it should look like, I realized that I’d put the pieces together wrong! I tore it apart, and will soon start to reassemble it correctly. Maybe there will be a pic of it next week! 


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