My fourth grade teacher called to thank me for the birthday card I sent to him. He appreciated my talent and told me that I should open a shop. I didn’t tell him that I once had an Etsy shop for about six months and that it didn’t bring any orders. However, his comment made me consider re-opening my Etsy shop, but I don’t think I will yet. I did love hearing from him, and was glad to hear that he liked the card I made him for his 90th birthday! 
I made two last minute Valentine’s cards this week. 

My first lesson in making lace was the whole stitch, or cloth stitch. See how it looks like cloth? 

The threads are simply woven together. 

When our neighbors came over yesterday, Vi let me choose a dish scrubbie that she made as thanks for sharing rice krispy s’mores with them! 

Once we return next week, and I get some mesh/netting from the store, she’ll teach me how to make them! 

I’ve worked on my crochet projects, but haven’t finished anything yet. I’m working on a custom snuggie for one of my nieces, and I committed to making a prayer blanket.


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