The scrubbie lady! 

My neighbor taught me how to make great dish scrubbies! Her husband said that everywhere they go, she’s known as “the scrubbie lady”! She’s been trying to retire for several years now, but folks keep wanting scrubbies! He hinted that maybe I could be the next scrubbie lady… I just might – they’re relatively simple and fun to make! 

Later I used my GA mother’s rotary cutter to cut the strips, and then showed her how to make them. Poncho approved! 

On my two crochet days, I made two washcloth scrubbies, and a regular body scrubbie.

I also finished the unicorn kitty hat that my niece requested! 

Shadow did NOT want to be my model

The modified granny squares that I was thinking of making a blanket out of, became a scarf!

When we went to Powell, after seeing the sights, we went to JoAnn’s because their netting was on sale! I chose A BUNCH of colors, but before I had them cut, I double checked that they were the ones for $1.04/yard. They were not, but they were marked down to $1.33 yard. 

Jeannie was with me, and she convinced me to get some because she wanted a scrubbie. While Karen, the JoAnn’s employee, was cutting, I decided to get some more netting because I had a coupon on my phone, and they give a military discount, so the price would still be better than usual. 

I just knew that I had seen the price at $1.04/yard, so I looked on my phone again, and found where I had seen it! Yea!, they accepted that, and I also used 2 coupons from their app! My overall savings was $20.! 50 yards for $49.!!! 

I was so glad that Jeannie was there to help me carry it all! 

I’ll be getting work my GA a mother again next week to cut and get started! For now I all have a few cut and ready to be made. 

If you haven’t already read the travel blog about what John and I have done this week, click here!


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