What next? 

This card went out to thank my aunt for the cabbage she made sure John had last week. 

John and I went to visit our friend Virgi, the campground matriarch. I was drawn to her earrings, and had to take a picture of them! 

Later, our friend Vi, the lady who taught me to make the scrubbies, came by to give me a pair! She had A LOT to choose from, and my favorites were a red, white, and blue pair, and these! 

I have some of the 14 count plastic canvas waiting for me in IL, and I have plenty of the embroidery floss! Any requests??

On a visit with my GA mother this week, I cut all of the mesh that I bought in Knoxville! 

Let there be scrubbies! 

These 29 will be donated to the church’s spring fling here, which will be the Saturday before Mother’s Day, after we’ve left. In an effort to sell the scrubbies, I will make a few hanging dish towels, and probably a matching dish cloth. Then tie them with a complementary colored scrubbie or two, and add these words… 

“This Mother’s Day you deserve the best! A gift that is totally unlike all the rest! I considered a new car, or even an exotic cruise, but decided on something you could really use! Finally, I found you a gift to admire… I hope you enjoy your new washer and dryer!!”


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