Crafting ROCKS! 

I don’t consider drawing to be one of my stronger talents, but I can doodle! When we were in Florida last month, my friend told me that she recently painted her 50th rock! They look so pretty, but I didn’t want to invest in quality paint, sealant, or rocks, so I used the Sharpie markers that we have to paint a stained glass design on a small rock that we’ve been carrying around.

Continuing in my frugality, I coated it with nail polish! I left it in a planter here at the campground. I hope to see it one day on the Facebook group, RVing Rocks! 

I also made another card this week. 

Taking time to crochet this week, I finished the cat snuggie that my niece requested. It took me 2 months! 

It’s a little big, but I hope she likes it at much as Shadow and I do! 

I also finished the “bear” cat hat that she wanted. JAWS modeled it for me. 

Other finished projects this week are the dish towel, dish cloth, and scrubbie sets that I made to donate to the church’s spring fling in May. 

My friend from church gave me a bunch of yarn this week, some already crocheted, and some not! 

The pretty yellow ones are strips in a pineapple pattern that I’m going to try to connect to make an afghan. The pink one has a heart pattern in the middle, so I’ll see if I can finish it off. It’s already the size of a small hand towel.

Shadow was very excited about the new addition too! He immediately climbed in to christen the yarn! 

He loves how comfy it is! 


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