Have a hat

This is a better picture of the finished product from last week.

I really like the colors, my great grandmother made me a blanket with similar colors long ago. 

I forgot to post a picture of my socks that I added beads to last week.

The baseball beads are from socks that my sister in law’s mother made for me about 16 years ago. I wore them so much, the threads wore out! 

After concentrating so hard on learning to make lace at my GA mother’s, I forgot to get a picture of the progress! I’ll go back today, and hopefully finish the piece! 

With the 21 skeins of yarn that I bought on sale, I’m making chemo caps; hats to give to those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. I’ve made several before, and gave them to the Veteran’s hospital in southern Nevada. I’ve learned that the cotton is much more comfortable than acrylic yarn, and I’m working on my 7th one so far. 

I don’t yet know where I’ll donate these. I should be able to make at least 50 hats with the new yarn.

I’ve made a few cards this week too. 

This one is for the gal in charge at the thrift store. It’s called the Open Hearts thrift store…

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