I finished my lace! Janet told me that she started making lace because she loved the spangles on the bobbins. 

I love them too, but I don’t think I love them enough to keep lacing. Not right now anyway. I’m hooked on crocheting! 

These lace patterns are known as the cloth stitch and the half stitch. There are some mistakes, but I’m happy with it! I added the beads on the end to “Leanne-ify” it! 

Janet, my GA mother, gave me a pineapple scrubbie that she made! 

I worked with the non sparkly version on this “yarn”, and didn’t like it, so this is completely her department! 

The hat I completed this week reminded me of Janet’s adorable little niece so I gave it to her. 

These hats are done except for sewing in the ends. 

I made several cards this week, and have sent them all out. 


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