Snot monsters

Thanks to my GA Mother, I have a bunch more yarn!

She paid more in shipping than the yarn cost, but oh, I was so excited to get new yarn! 

Yes, I’m working on downsizing, but yarn will be one of the last things to go, and ideally I’ll have it all used up soon anyway. Another scrappy granny afghan –or two- is on my list! 

However, that will have to wait until I complete the baby blanket that my GA Mother started and handed off to me. My Aunt Glenda got me started with some inspiration, a pattern, and some yarn! It’s not a perfect match, but it will be complementary when it’s finished. 

While my aunt and I were brainstorming, we discussed yarn bowls, and both of us like the monster face yarn bowl where the yarn comes through a hole in the monster’s nose. It looks like snot! 

Photo credit:

Both of us are frugal and consider ourselves resourceful, and while we were at the thrift store, I came across a flower vase! The gentleman there couldn’t understand that I was going to put yarn in it, but it works great! It’s not as fun as my snot monster, but for $.50, it can’t be beat!! 

Tomorrow is the 5th annual Cole Family Reunion! Yesterday I helped our oldest daughter Jeannie, and made brownies! I used a pan that was too big for the amount of batter I had, and the brownies are pretty thin. They’re still really yummy, and now we’ll just call them brownie crepes! 


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