I’m so excited! 

I finished the other slipper for my grandson! He wanted a minion eye on one, but smaller eyes and teeth on the other. OK! 

I made a few scrubbies this week, but only remembered to take a picture of one. 

Sunday morning we went to church in the park, and after visiting with Amber and the boys, I went to the laundromat to wash our comforter. I took my crocheting, of course, and was working on the scrappy granny quilt that is an ongoing project. I was talking with a lady there who had brought her needlepoint and nålbinding (pro-nounced noelbending). She asked if i would consider selling my work, and I told her yes, if anybody wanted to buy it. She did! She bought the scrappy granny that wasn’t even finished yet! It’s still not finished, but she understood that it may take me a few more weeks. I’ll mail it to her, as she was just passing through. 

I’m also excited about the baby clothes quilt that I’ve started on for my granddaughter. I’m working on the base, made from burp rags. I really like how it’s coming together, and once the base is complete, I will start attaching the clothes. 

Yesterday I committed to making a shark snuggie for one of my great granddaughters! Yes, I’m excited about that too! I’ll post pictures of each once they’re finished. I like the element of surprise for the recipients. 


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